Warm front
how does it effect our flying ?

Cold fronts move fast
and under cut the warm front.

V.M.C Theory of flight

First signs of a warm front
Halo around the moon.

Lowering of cloud base.
C-CAN - Cirrus, Cirrus, Alto-Stratus, Nimbos Stratus.

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Warm Fronts.

What is a warm front and how does it effect our flying ?

The first signs of a warm front could be a halo around the moon followed by a falling in cloud base.

Jets flying high above would leave contrails these would leave a vapor trails miles long. This is because of a increase in moisture at high levels.

As the warm front arrives the Cirrus cloud the first to be seen, merge to form uniform streaks of cirrostratus. The ice crystals in this cloud refracts the light and produces a halo around the moon and sun.

Recap; Lowering of cloud, increase in rain, fall in pressure that slows or stops,wind will veer near the surface, temperature rises and the slope of a warm front is flatter than a cold front.

How it effects our flying, well we cannot flying in rain, but after a warm front you might find a break in the weather until the cold front arrives. And if you can predict when a front is coming you can plan your time off.

Cold Front

Cold fronts move fast and under cut the warm front, winds will veer in the northern hemisphere. This cooler air mass has less moisture than the warm front.Once the front has passed the pressure may rise quickly.

The next day could be very thermic in the summer and is a flyers dream, the temperature will have dropped the sky at night will be clear, giving way to loss of heat from the earths surface. As there is no blanket of cloud to keep in the heat from the earths surface at night.

Clouds; cumiliform,cumulus, cumulonimbus!

sudden drop in temperature and lowering of dew point.

veering of wind, falling of pressure once the front has past.

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