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Rob Chisholm Climb to base

Brighton PPC's

No payment is taken until a formal interview has taken place.
Course's are very much like a university with limited places.

How to thermal Low save
Freeflight Brighton


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How to make a booking
Email freeflightbrighton@gmail.com with your date. It is a requirment you book with some knowledge based upon site and weather predictions. RTV once a week will show you the weather and explain which sites and days are predicted to be on for flying.
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How many sessions may i book a month
4 Sessions a month, more sessions can be booked see PDF
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How will I know the session is to go ahead
Freeflight's "Discord" app a posting of which site, time to meet. Will be posted at 7pm the evening before under "Bookings"
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Does Freeflight provide equipment for tuition
No Freeflight does not provide hired equipment, we can sell you brand new equipment. One piece of kit required is your own radio and holster.
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How many clients in a typical session
Generally 3 to 6 - If XC conditions then 5 - 8 PPC's
Web Development
Use RTV for your own development page. Here we can talk one to one in areas of flying. Answer questions simuliar to a private teacher on line. Skype and Zoom chats availble for those who combine RTV with PPC.