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Conditions below

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Please READ this page carefully before completing the form below and confirm that you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions in full.

1: Before tuition commences you must inform your Instructor of any injuries, which have required hospital treatment within the last six months.

2: No alcohol or drugs may be consumed in the 12 hours preceding instruction or during instruction.

3: The evening (Approx 7pm) before your booked date you will be contacted, telling you what time to arrive and on which site.

Flying sites.


4: If you need to cancel please give enough notice please, if on a single lesson and you do not turn up this count as your lesson.

5: Freeflight reserves the right without reason to cancel a students course or part course and refund monies proportionally for the outstanding period. Courses PPC are valid for six and tweleve months from date of payment with application form.

6: Any payments made by bank transfer should have a suitable reference including your name, using the online form provided.

7: Courses are none refundable and none transferable and must be used within the allocated time from date of purchase.

8: Boots that give good ankle and sole protection are to be worn while training.

9: Due to the inherent risk involved in paragliding Freeflight reserves the right to refuse tuition on equipment that it considers to be unsafe.

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