Freeflight Blog 5 - XC 88 Kms - Tandem Cross Country

Post CP pilot Jason Smith epic XC 88 kms - Craigs 43 Kms and Thermal tandem tuition at Devils Dyke with Rob Chisholm.

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88 Kms Wiltshire to Buckinghamshire

With little airspeed the wing was knocked instantly behind me. So I’m off the break, a touch of bar and I’ve penetrated. The air’s rough but I’m mentally prepared for it.

Inkpen Tandem

43k UK LIDDINGTON, Craig Rippe.

Tandem XC
Devils Dyke Climb Out
Devils Dyle XC

Climbing in a thermal on a tandem glider.

Rob Chisholm shows post CP Glenn Haddock how to thermal at Devils Dyke.