Freeflight Blog 1- Post Club Pilot Mount Caburn-Devils Dyke

I have put together a flying blog of our teaching methods at Freeflight and cover many areas from session one to Pilot Rated Courses. The last number is the last most recent page.

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Mount Caburn Post Club Pilot
Sky gliders uk

A paraglider is small and light enough to be carried on your back. Yet with proper training, you could confidently and safely fly 100 km or more.

Please click on the image to discover more about this exciting sport.

Soaring at Steyning Bowl

Richard Chambers Soaring Task at Steyning Bowl.

Richard Chambers is completing one of his 3 required soaring tasks, here Richard Chambers completes his fifth soaring tasks and has been in the air for 20 minutes.

Fly like a bird
Early spring thermals Devils Dyke
Devils Dyke Paragliding

Rob Chisholm teaching post CP tasks for pilot rating at Devils Dyke.

A little history about Ponyings. The Domesday survey of 1087 refers to a church at this location, and there is little doubt it superseded a Saxon place of worship. The Norman building stood for 300 years until the reign of Edward III