Freeflight Weather Links

There are many weather links these days I have put three below for people on courses and a few Apps which will help you reconize how to read and understand the weather. I suggest you watch this video which I have made on HIGH and LOW pressure. When your good at reading the weather then your need to go one futher and be able to read the weather while in the air so you can plan your flights and max the air time.

Brighton coast
Sea Sprit weather worthing

If your on a E.P course start using this link for simple weather predictions. It is important from an early stage to understand one day you will be making the final choice on your own about weather.

Winds for coastal height only

As most of the flying sites I use here in Sussex are near the cost I find this is quite a usful link which is used for the shipping forecasts.

It tends to be very good for Beachy Head and Newhaven, accurate for wind speeds. Do take in to account we fly the ridge and this increases the overall wind speed.

Inshore Weather
Synoptic Charts
Met Office

For C.P and above your need to be able to understand and read these charts. In our courses we try to have the student play an active roll in making the correct choice of which task is suitable to the weather conditions.

To book a day just becasue you have that day free, rarely works. Far better to have structure to your training and max your time off.