Charlie Hartley on his 2nd day of soaring with others.

Charlie on his 2nd day of soaring with other pilots and it is all coming together now.

Charlie is now having to think it all through for himself, this involves Charlie making final de scions with myself Rob Chisholm on the weather ahead. Charlie able to read weather maps understand thermal activity and most important he is ready and pre pared for his session ahead.

Watch Charlie complete most of his CP tasks at High and Over with Rob Chisholm, one on one sure pays off.

I like to thank Charlie for being such a clam and all together pilot on this day.

His achievements certainly put smiles on other pilots faces as well as my own.

I predict Charlie will be Pilot rated before the end of next year.

For now we just completing the final CP tasks with around three more sessions to go and then Charlie will be let lose on the southern slopes.

Looking for more Post C.P training in Thermaling then do contact us for more on advanced post C.P training.

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