Post Club Pilot Paul - Dean and Simon at Beachy Head.

Saturday the 15th of October we arrive all four of us at High Over for 9 am. Charlie - Paul - Simon and Dean. I picked Simon up from the station and drove straight out to meet other Post CP students. Sadly Charlie picked up a nail in his £160 rear super bike tire.

The weather don't wait dudes, so we say our good byes to Charlie and wish him safe journey home. Simon - Dean - Paul and I head over to Beachy.

Personally I stay at High Over as I think it become thermic later. But mention the word Beachy and all go slightly mad for flying what is basically a ridge soaring site. The South east bowl is good for below Pilot rated and the South cliff is awesome dudes with a view to wet your pants, you have to fly it to know what I mean. You need to be Pilot rated to fly the cliffs, I get a site brief before you go as in learn all you can now and then arrange to meet a club coach or pay myself "Rob Chisholm" to take a tandem flight.

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