Freeflight Video Blog 11 - Mount Caburn Paragliding Sussex

Nick came to the school through Pete Bernon who runs Airsports paragliding. I chatted with Nick on the phone to here what he wished to archive from post CP lessons. Time frame is short as Nick has Fridays to spare, but to date Nick has in the last month. Flown Devils Dyke solo in thermals at 8am to 9.30am climbing on his own while on the radio. Later he came on tandem for the bigger air mass. This video below will show a one on one session with post CP at Mount Caburn. I think Nick would agree club pilot is just the start of his flying and only a basic level entry to a paragliding.

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Nick Tasquier at Mount Caburn Post CP
Nick Tasquier paragliding

Post C.P pilot Nick Tasquier flying at Mount Caburn with instruction from Rob Chisholm.

Boys day out on Tandem at Mount Caburn

Typical tandem flight experience at Mount Caburn.

tandem paraglider
Introduction to Newhaven Cliffs
Newhaven cliffs by paraglider

Rob Chisholm voice over at Newhaven Cliffs.