Freeflight Video Blog 10 - Firle Beacon East Sussex

Flying at Firle Beacon in Sussex with Post Club Pilot Nick Pain, thermals are small with light winds. Wind direction North East and a small frost acts for some convection, but high pressure is right upon us and thermals only climb to 900ft above take off. It is 19 th of March and we expect much more than 900ft at this time of year.

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Firle Beacon in East Sussex
Craigs girl

March 2011 Post Club Pilot student Nick Pain comes in for an extra refresh lesson on a new site.

Firle Beacon month March 2011 CP

Richard Searle soaring and top landing at Firle in March 2011

Chris Jones flew Devils Dyke and past here the year before
Newhaven Cliffs

Explore Newhaven Cliffs.