nova mentor 4 for sale


Glider will come with a LOFT inspection and Nova Re Trim. Nova Mentor 4, Size: Medium (90 – 110 kgs)

Colour: Lime with speed brake riser.

Purchase date of glider 27 03 2016

Airtime 4 hrs price £1,999

Recommended Retail Price £2,899.00

nova mentor for sale

Nova Mentor 4 For Sale.


Glider can be collected in person, or posted, carriage is not included in price items have to be insured.


nova mentor for sale

Speed Brake Riser System Included.

The NOVA Speedbrake Riser is the first three-liner riser which permits the glider to be accelerated as well as decelerated.

It brings an end to pulling the C-lines, which killed performance.





nova mentor 4

Nova Mentor 4

Line sets are clean and tidy.

Risers like new.

At 4hrs its as if it were like new.

Gliders come in all the time so if you wish to be on a mailing list do apply by simply email Freeflight. Email is in the header above.

Most of the kit Freeflight sells is as new or new.

In a dangerous sport why take any chances.

for sale nova mentor 4

Nova Mentor 4, comes with rucksack bag and speed Brake System.


Nova Mentor 3

Paraglider Gin Sprint 3 for sale.

The Gin Sprint 3

Small 75 KG to 95 KG

LFT 1- ENB rated.

Video reviews can be found on FF YouTube.

Price £1900

Sprint 3 for sale

For sale Sprint 3 purchased July 2016 under 10 hrs air time in mint condition !

Image taken on the 18th of Feb 2017

Sprint 3 Sale price £1900

Size small.

Bought July 2016

Images left taken 18th of March 2017



for sale gin sprint 3

Sprint 3 Sale price £1900

If buying from abroad do mention this in your enquiry, cost of postage and insurance is not included.

In the purchase is a Gin Bag never used, small Gin Sprint 3.

e-mail enquiries Rob Chisholm










advanced easy pack

Advanced Easy Pack

Small 90 Litres.

Purchase date 24/03/2013

Price £70.00