Freeflight Testimony's

Freeflight Testimony's.

Here are a couple of peoples views on the school and web site.

Ade Mare E.P in Spain with Freeflight.

After My Tandem Flight In Nepal I Realized Paragliding Was My Next Adventure After The Parachute Regiment.


Browsing The Many Schools On The B.H.P.A Web Site My Mind Was Made Up That Freeflight Would Be My Flying School Not Because Of Your Ep-Cp Course Charge Out Rates Or The T.F.T Or Ambit Blue Courses That You Offered.


It Was Just Your Passion To Teach, Sure It Was Not Easy Nothing Is But We Worked Together And You Ironed Out What Problems I Had Thanks.


And From Our Trip To Nepal In 2008 8 Wk's Of Good Flying Not So Much Soaring Which Now I Realize Is More A Uk Thing But Thermaling With Birds Of Prey Again Your Guidance Was 100% So I Would Like To Say To You Rob Chisholm


Thanks John Mitchell


Ade Mare, first trip abroad with Freeflight, see what she has to SAY.


Dear Rob,


Yes it seems to work fine, your web site gets better and better. How things are working for you? Is the school going well?.


There is some new teachers it seems, great, and as john was saying, he has tried 3 schools before and you are the best.


Believe me I am sure that you are the best, my flying sessions with you were the best I ever had, and I really miss the fantastic time I had at STEYNING BOWL with you, flying satan's corner at christmas time, what a treat that was !!!!!.


Yes you can use this letter to convince your new students that they are in really good hands with freeflight paragliding !!!!.


Take care Rob. Your friend gilles.


Hi Rob

Thanks for yesterday, had a really great day and it was fantastic to fly a
new site. Thanks for coming out, bringing the tandem and getting me up
there. I wouldn't have done it without going tandem first. Definitely the
right way to see a new site before flying it...hope I got some good pics as

Speak to you soon.



Hello Rob et al,

As I was looking around the web for information I came across the Freeflight web site. I have read through most of it, seen the photos and watched the videos. I was struck by how much you obviously love what you do and how much enjoyment you get from helping others get experience and qualifications. It also comes across how strongly you feel about safety and this should be a big factor for anyone choosing a paragliding school. By comparison, so many other companies barely mention safety on their web site.

It isn't typical of my to write an email like this but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed going through your web site. It seems that you dedicate a lot of time and effort to this and that shows, setting you aside from the other schools. I work in web development, so I know how long this can take.

I am intending on doing my EP and CP next year and you can bet I will be giving you a call. I would do it this year but I am getting married in December so money is at a premium (incidentally, I am getting married in a city called Bucaramanga in Colombia - apparently one of the best paragliding sites in Colombia, so I wish I had my wings for that!).

Anyway, good luck and keep up the good work.


Until next year...