Freeflight Blog Steyning Bowl EP - CP Courses.


Day three of Elementary Simon Gorringe. Simon heads a big company up in the smoke.

In charge of many people and is head man. Simon had to put his trust in Rob Chisholm CFI for Freeflight.

John Mitchell

John Mitchell checks Simon is clipped and ready and we both listen to Simons flight plan for a spot landing.

Notice the cloud cover, this prevents thermals.

Day three and three hundred feet below. And what a view Rob. All i get is office windows and vending machines.

Sure Simon, we understand, keep to the flight plan please.

Conditions today South East, airflow laminar. Ideal for teaching.

Simon is at the end of his Elementary level.

And i am even sitting in the harness correctly Rob. Yes Simon you are the kiddy.

Just walk a little more before you run and we have you top landing in no time.

Brent on Elementary course

Guided by Pete Bernon from UK airsports. Pete and I work together in the summer. This week we worked early and late's. Pete was even their at 6 am. Why because the winds are light and customers can fly before work.


The advantage of this method is that you can complete your tasks in and around your working and family life. I stayed out till 9 pm. Teaching people after work and making the most of the light evenings.

We can advise you of the good weather when to come in and complete those tasks required to be qualified.

Then it was time for coffee and banana milk shakes and full breakfast. Time now midday thermals popping off and no good for teaching. But good for experience flyers.

Marlon Brando

This cafe Truffles has air con, a dream come true for those tired students and Instructors to regain strength. I took this picture, I sure this could be Marlon Brando.

Its a hot day and students really need time away from the site, today we started at 8 am. Air was cool but now the gage showed 30 Celsius outside.

Simon Ep

Ok Rob I am ready to go off the top. Flight plan given, pre flight checks complete.

Spot landing here I come.


Simon Gorringe showed true flying skills and a commitment to arriving early in the morning.

And completed all his Elementary tasks and passed his exam.


Simon was so happy he even had a cheque ready for Freeflight at the end of the day.

He is now on Club pilot tasks from now on. I feel a tandem pre soaring flight coming on. This could be like this. Video here.

Pete's students were grateful for all the hard work Pete put in. By starting early such as 6 am in the morning.

The students were able to still go to work and yet keep current with their flying.

Here the student is learning 90 degree turns under radio guidance.

12 good flights are required to a level of confidence. Of being able to launch on your own and land in a area chosen by your Instructor.

Pete Bernon

Its a job Rob, just one i love and have been doing for the last 16 years.

Yes Pete, I remember coming to your 40th. Seems such a long time ago now.

Simon says these are the guys to learn with. More of a holiday atmosphere.

But they will come down hard if you muck about. After all to them this is a serious discipline.

Simon Gorringe on his end of Elementarty Course.

Completed in 3 days. Now Simon is off to France for 10 days and then back to complete the top landings at Steyning Bowl and then off to Nepal for some big flying.