Southerns most beautiful site High/Over Seven Sisters.

Tandem Flight
19th March High And Over
19th of March, Tandem flight at High and Over. Wind direction East and small thermals, enough to push out the front past the river.

19Th March 2009 We arrived at High And Over, in east sussex.

Jamie Wandless, Kaori Kataoka and myself arrived at 10.30 am to a busy car park at High and Over. I suggested a walk to Seven Sisters and have cake and Coffee first. And let the others fly and we fly later when less crowded.
Rob Chisholm prepares for a tandem flight, sure enough the pilots were heading home, or just exhausted from a 2 hours of flying. We had a lovely walk and refreshments in the Seven Sister cafe.
Straight up into lift and only one other around.
Apparently during WW2 the Germans sent a 2 manned submarine up these narrow waters. The plan being to take out Churchill, who was in a meeting in these areas, myth or not, the 2 men were never found.
The air was easy to use and I was glad we waited as now I could relax on the flying and no one really took to the air while we were in the air for 40 min's.
Kaori seemed happy with her flight.
All these images were taking by my passenger, so if you book a tandem flight or are on a Tandem Fast Track course, bring a camera for those moments.
If you are on a course and Rob Chisholm is flying, taking pictures of the site from the air, is a good way to map a site out for when you fly there next. It could be you never flown the site and images express more information.
High and Over is an easy site to fly, but it has a not so easy launch areas and the sea is very near by, producing some pounding air flows, known as sea breeze and they are not to be taken lightly if you are under 30 hrs a tandem flight is strongly recommended. New students post CP are welcome.
Well Kaori found the whole experience a delight
devils dyke I say she felt safe and a little frighten at first at the thought of flying here.
red glider Here some school children waved at us and all shouted delights at the true marvel and pureness of gliding in a small area, no other flying experience will give you this.
red glider truleigh hill For March it was a nice day and a good beginning to the year of flying.
blue gliger Still only one pilot in the air, but do expect it to be much more busy on a weekend, it takes an east direction, so does Steyining Bowl, that's our private site.
over landing arae Dave Massie a former Chairman of the southern Club joins us in a thermal out the front.
village Dave Massie, flew from here last year to Ditchling, most of his flight was at 5,000 Feet. That is the same as Eastbourne to Brighton in distance.
village return Yes this is a site that has much promise when you know how to read air maps and can thermal.
Wooded arae Out the front again on tandem, I clocked a bird of prey and chased after him and glided well out the front, I love my job.
white cliffs On zoom my passenger managed to take this picture of take off.
high These fields soon will be turned and ploughed. The ground will become dark brown and sea gulls gather for worms, I will be looking for bigger temperature changes and chasing that for ever magic ride in a thermal over Sussex Downs dudes.
New Timer Happy customer, that's what we want.
Swimming Pool And what a drive back home, springs on the way, if you like to know more about learning to thermal, ridge soar contact Freeflight paragliding.