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22nd March DEVILS DYKE
(1:) Take off at Devils Dyke. (2:) Head up wind easy climb/ Vario malfunction. (3:) New timber 2,000ft (4:) Height 2,300ft (5:) Trimmers off and straight glide 33Kms (6:) Last turn and time for a cup of tea from the Devils Dyke Inn.

22Th March 2009. Devils Dyke take off. Tandem Fast Track course.


Conditions thermic and not suitable for low air time pilots.

Rob Chisholm on Tandem, student Mike from Air sports learning big ears and air law, 360 turns and spiral drives.
Although these task, except big ears are not on the CP tick list. You can learn these after CP with Rob Chisholm on Tandem.
Trevor Hurt joins us in a thermal. Trevor a former student now pilot.
Both Trevor and I on Tandem fly over the back of Devils Dyke.
Thermals are good and climbs nice. My vario packs up at this point, so i am working off my altimeter wrist watch. X Red Devils and none battery operated.
Devils Dyke car park, busy day for the Inn. Oh its Mothers Day !
Another thermal comes off the dark field below, we head over for some lift.
Trevor on solo lands over the back, but I just pop my trimmers up to full speed and the tandem pushes forward, with no worries dude.
Back at the Dyke lift zone, with height to spare.
devils dyke Catch another thermal and climb with this red glider.
red glider Back over the dyke again, this time heading towards Ponying.
red glider truleigh hill And then onto New timber Place.
blue gliger Watch out for Pilots above, they give way to pilots below, but never rely on others and keep watching for pilots rising in thermals below.
over landing arae Clouds forming into perfect conditions, no bleep from the vario, battery has gone on the Brauniger Helmet Vario, I have to fly on fly alone. Ponyings coming up.
village Ponyings below.
village return A little history about Ponyings. The Domesday survey of 1087 refers to a church at this location, and there is little doubt it superseded a Saxon place of worship. The Norman building stood for 300 years until the reign of Edward III
Wooded arae Now onto New timber place, pushing up wind some more required a little more effort and a vario would have helped loads here.
white cliffs From here it was possible to fly I say to Lewis on Tandem. I chatted with my passenger "Kaori" it was her fourth flight and we been in the air for some time and she was a little overwhelmed with the flight.
high So it was decided to fly one more across the front of the Dyke and enjoy the views and top land.
New Timer Here Devils Dyke top landing.
Swimming Pool We arrived back over Ponyings with more height when the vario was not working than it was working. I really did not wish to land just yet.
Rob Chisholm Just a quick flight I said to my passenger to a little place called Fulking !
Spreader bars And then back to take off, below is the landing area of Devils Dyke.
Rob Chisholm Tandem A couple spiral dives to come down to around 1000Ft.
Below Um that did not seem to work very well, you cannot see it below, but a flock of sea gulls take off and we all go back up, i need to find some sinking air.
Rob Chisholm Tandem Some more spirals for now, well they are fun after all.
In the distance is the top landing area of Devils Dyke and we are well past the road that has the landing area next to it.
pond road Well back to Ponyings and wait for some cloud cover.
village life Cloud cover will shut the sun off and stop the thermals for a while.
feet I have marked the cloud shadow passing the ground and see 25 Km over the ground and mark our flight into wind. i wait for cloud cover and winds and thermals will slow. If they do not I land at the bottom, where the air will be quite and easy for landings.
yellow glider Back near launch area and a loan pilot catches a thermal, they are weak the thermals now.
Blue glider A couple of other pilots come along with the solo pilot in yellow, which i think is Trevor Hurt.
three gliders Yep thermals now easy and float, big ears to landing and time for a hot chocolate and a good days work done.
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