Freeflight Blog John Kassel on CP Course 8th Day.

4th July at Steyning Bowl.
Steyning Village is beautiful place to visit.
The views from Steyning Bowl are so lovely in the Summer.
Long grassy fields as far as the eye can see.
Pete Bernon and Rob Chisholm discuss the weather. John Mitchell takes students through the BHPA Elementary exam.
elementary exam paper And Pete Bernon invidulates the exam.
elementary exam paper All students pass with 90 % and more.
Exams require a 70 % pass rate or higher. All air law must be correct. After this stage you can apply for Club Pilot. Q and A here.
John Miychelle Gin Zulu John Mitchell explores the air on a Zulu from Gin gliders.
Gin Explorer Zulu Getting the hang of this Rob.
Bird of prey thermal John plays with the bird of prey, left in the picture.
Getting higher John Mitchelle Nice weight shift John, catch that thermal.
John gets higher Yep you have it alright.
Like it here Rob, private site all to myself Shame about the approaching cloud, it is cutting down the thermal activity's.
John Mitchelle after 45 mins in the air at steyning 50 min's later, better do some teaching Rob. Nice wing, I have it please.
Farmer What s this, i ask for the grass to be cut on Mondays.
Nigel cuts the grass Hi Nigel, Just making your life easy for launching the gliders Rob.
Simon Simon Gorringe, has done 2 days abroad, with a French school and is back in the UK to complete his Elementary course.
Simon Elementary pilot Today is an assessment and his friend Vince could not make it.
Simon Glides a long way that glider Rob. Its the pilot Pete, he has good airspeed control.
Simon Gorringe Let us get him higher, winds are calm and cloud cover has shut the thermals down.
Simon Gorringe Thermals are not what you need when learning to fly, laminar air flow is what is required.
Simon Gorringe Feet together please, Simon Gorringe.
Catherine Little Catherine at 48 Kg, I just float away.
Simon Gorringe Catherine at launch on private site Steyning Bowl, with Pete Bernon from Airsports. Together the 2 schools have 31 years teaching.
Chris boyfriend of catherine coming into land.
Catherine Catherine flaring on landing.
Chris Very nice flare from Chris, good days teaching. Pete did an early at 7 am. I started normal time 9.45 am and went onto 7.30 pm and a lot was achieved more like two days in one.