Freeflight Blog John Kassel on CP Course 8th Day.

John here on session 8 of one on one tuition completing last soaring tasks. Other tasks on the day were big ears a decent method and demonstrating small 30 % deflations, pitch control, soaring with other pilots and top landings. The next day I meet John at Devils Dyke and we completed his club pilot exam which he passed.

So now John has completed all the tasks in the BHPA student record book this means he is qualified as Club Pilot rating allowing him to fly solo on his own.

With a one on one approach a much more detailed teaching method can be adopted, 8 sessions of one on one has allowed John to complete tasks in a record time. However I am glad John has taken my advise and will continue with more post CP training on our TFT courses which involves many tandem flights with instruction in the air detailing areas of top landing on different sites.