Freeflight Jason Smith Cross Country.

No sooner had I put the 86 Km's flight that Jason had completed and he sent me another this just 70 Km's, he been flying the day before and called it a day, this time landing by the station, had a cup of tea and was home in time for a cold beer in his local.

Jason Smith
Cross Country
Paragliding Cross Country
  • All this from a glider in a bag, now that is flying.

Spent the weekend flying with some friends. Wiltshire and the Cotswold. Couple of little XC's, both ending near oxford but from different sites; milk hill on the Saturday, Malvern on the Sunday. Saturday the lift was patchy. "Brize Norton airspace to my left"

Took a lot of work to string the climbs together. Sunday was stronger and a little rougher, lift under every cloud it seemed. But I was tired from the day before, my concentration wasn't’t at its peak and I called it a day after about 70km, after spotting a train station in the town before me. "Edging round Abingdon airspace"

The old city of Oxford ahead.
3,000 ft up here in this image
The clouds show me the way
Easy lift here
Cloud base and heaven, so cannot go any higher here, VMC rules for gliders
It might look like I am just sitting in the arm chair in the sky. But my mind is working over time.
Reading the clouds are an important part of flying.
I will follow that road, on my air map there is a railway station. Good place to land.
Time for another top landing "Rob"
devils dyke And then off again for another flight.
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