Freeflight in France 2008.

Villflou Villaflou is the place we stayed at. Craig Jenkins and Nina provided excellent guide and food with homely accommodation in the French Alps.
Villaflou is a small hamlet in the Alps, near to many top flying and training sites.
The place is teaming with life and peace, which can only be found in the mountains.
Villaflou even has its own Chapel, but all people their are Agnostic.
Vilaflou was built some years ago, anyone know more ?
Eddy the eagel Eddy the Eagle took to these slopes in 1990, in the International Olympic Games. Just minutes away from Villaflou.
The weather was bad for the first 4 days of the trip, but being so high up we were in the clouds most days, snow in June !
Sunday came and we got a flight in. Here looking over Bozel village.
Landing field is just to the left of this lake.
Jamie makes a perfect approach.
Landing a little short of the area. You should land in the green area. Lucky no one was playing football :)
What this take off in June and so high the snow is still around, we must be very very high. Start time 10am.
Craig and Jamie head for take off.
Craig says prays to the mountains for a safe flight. No really he is checking the wind direction.
Well we are off now Craig, looks cool and only the four of us.
No trees here, we are to high Rob.
Well height is no problem then :)

What's this cloud cover, I never ask for this Craig, what was all that praying for, cloud cover equals no thermals and no lift.

Oh well it be another 30 min's until we reach the landing area. Sit back and enjoy the view.

Jamie coming into the landing area.
Watch the power lines Jamie.
What is this. Oh no it is the grave yard.
Bit low i think, head for the landing field.
Which way was it, straight on I think.
Dinner time at the local school, thinking of food, I feel a chocolate cake and coffee coming on.
Just about home now.
Landing area just below.
Patrick here makes the most yummy cakes in the world I have ever tasted, 25 years in the trade and he knows his cakes. Try the Cecilia, named after his daughter. It has been made with caring love and a passion of love and labor to produce elegant cakes.
Hold on Craig their will be loads for every one.
That one has my name all over it.
Time for another fly Jamie and Craig consider options.
Afternoon site and it is teaming with wildlife, the farmer has not put the cows back in the field.
Jamie with an old pal.
Where are we now then, on a cable car heading to take of Saint hilaire.

Quite steep this one, built in 1924 and still working today.

7 Euros to the top, or passes that work out loads cheaper.

Many thanks for paying Craig, we appreciated that.

What's this do then.
Take off at Saint Hilaire.

A bit steep, better get it right.

And a green carpet laid out.

The French think of everything to make life more enjoyable.

I love them for this. Image the National Trust here allowing this.

Jamie your not Bond, too close to the big mountain.
Nice one, Jamie gains some lift.
Craig Jenkins.

Craig lands on his new M2 Mantra. He has had 6 flights on this glider.

Third flight he flew 96 Km's. At 52 your ok Craig.

Ex Ski Champion and still very young at heart.

Packing up area.
Coming in fast on a spiral.
Easy Tiger, bring it in safe.
...... me that is close.

That speck in the water fall is a glider.

This place saint hilaire has everything. Cafe at the top, cafe at the bottom, carpets on take off, a dart board circle in the landing area and a cable car to the top. I recommend it to anyone wanting simple Alpine flying and XC.

The next day we see Marmots.

Marmots are generally large ground squirrels

Where is he Wrob, I do not see him anywhere. Marmot come out where every your are.
Benji he is just behind you. Ok Wrob I am standing very still.

I am just here mate, just behind the rock.

What you want, its Summer I have just woken up.

I sleep all winter.

This place is very busy in the ski season, so we have pretty much got it to ourselves for now.
Jamie at launch. This morning site is an easy one to get you into your stride for the week.
Craig off.
Later that day things just got better.
Craig Jenkins on his new Mantra 2, take off opposite Bozel.
Take off is very easy and this is an afternoon site.
Craig climbs quickly and crosses the valley.

Jamie heads up to and crosses the valley.

He radios back the whole valley is lifting and climbs without effort to 4 thousand feet above.

Craig and Jamie landed out about 13 Miles away, in a landing area they use for teach up the valley.

Next month July to August this place will be full of walkers and climbers.

Craig's House, he move here when he was 27 years old and has built the upper floor himself. The accommodation below is for customers all year round.

You can call him Tel : + 33 479 084 365 Mobile: 0681646970