Freeflight Devils Dyke to Caburn.

Cloud base

July the 13th light west winds, weak thermals at 10 am. I had a tandem flight with a student Simon. But as the climbs were slow. I grab a chance to test fly a Axis paraglider And this is what happened. In this picture I have left Devils Dyke. The arrow points to a glider just in cloud.

Paragliding across a river

I flew with this for a while, until I arrived at a place called Mount caburn. Franco below was working a small thermal. I had to make a choice here. Stay inland and lose the sea breeze which kept changing.

View of Caburn by paraglider

What to do Mount caburn ahead. So I could grab a lift from here easy. Or head more towards the coast.

Bo Peep firle view from 3,00ft paraglider

This way would have been a better choice. Bo Peep in the distance. Why a better choice, my friend Paul flew to Polegate, Eastbourne.

Mount caburn by Paraglider

So Mount Caburn ahead.

One sunny patch ahead and some small thermals above the fields below.

Even the birds were finding it hard.

Airworks paragliding

Arrived at Mount Caburn at 11:58 AM.

Steve Purdy below teaching students at Airworks.

Approaching Mount Caburn by air

Nice one Flyers on caburn.

Bet they are a bit surprised to see us fly by.

People on top of Caburn

Well I bet they are not so happy. Where you come from then.

Caburn takes a South West direction.

Student at the top of mount caburn

Devils Dyke about 30 Minutes ago. Devils Dyke takes a North West, on this day Devils Dyke was West.

Landing area of caburn

Craig from South Africa.

Not talking, he was upset he had only flown from Devils Dyke to Caburn.

That's about 20 Km. He normally only fly's over 50 Km per flight. Otherwise he never gets out of bed i am told :)

20 km by paraglider

Get out of my face Rob. 20 Km is not enough.

I want more.

Franco from Brazil.

12 years in the Uk best flight he has had he says.

Back home in Brazil thermals go up all the time.

happy face caburn paragliding

Cool man glider in a bag that you can keep at home. And what a flight.

Simon Gorringe paragliding devils dyke

Oh cheers Simon, he came and picked us up, what a guy.

Simon is on a Elementary. Later when the air was laminar we went to Steying and he was taught. Many thanks for being patient Simon.

Rob Chisholm Axis Paragliding Rob Chisolm on the Axis Vega