Freeflight High Pressure Weather Systems .

Craig Rippe and girlfriend Anna in France on tandem, Craig gained his Tandem rating at Freeflight.
Chabre takeoff is rocky but south-facing at 1300m or so.
Buc is about 25km down the valley from Chabre, we flew from the north side
in all the pics here.
Lachau is about halfway down the valley between Chabre and Buc - on our best
flight we flew 25km from Buc to Chabre, then halfway back to Lachau where we
had left the car.  
Took 2 hours for the flight, and 20 minutes to get down
from 2000m - Anna doesn't like fast descent techniques!  Would have flown
longer but we were cold and passenger wanted a drink...

On the 'Reservoir' flight we flew from Chabre down the ridge about 9km, then
back 5km to the best trigger on the ridge, then flew at right angles
downwind for another 8km before crossing to the 'volcano' and the reservoir

The high picture of the reservoir was taken on the crossing over. The 'landing' picture shows the hill behind the reservoir where we just flew
from (the ridge on the right, having left ridge off picture to left,

crossing peak in the centre of the picture), starting maybe 2500m.  We
failed to make the final leg around 5km to Laragne itself, as there was 5
down (metres) at the reservoir - there was a big thermal somewhere causing
it, but failed to connect.


Dunno if all that makes any sense.

All pictures taken by Anna...

I'm adding this commentary for you to put into the blog, Craig Rippe.