Gin Evo Sprint - Nova Mentor 2 - Nova Factor 2 Newhaven race!

I put a message on Facebook about flying Newhaven soon everyone was buzzing then I dropped in 7 am start. All came back with I be there at Newhaven car park. Commitment is part of the sport your learn this as you get into the groove of the weather it controls everything in our sport.

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Gin Evo Sprint - Nova Mentor 2 Newhaven Run
gin evo xc Paragliding

Mr S.G below on a Gin Evo Sprint, taken by Rob Chisholm on a Gin Evo Sprint (click image to play video)

Flight plan fly from Newhaven to Brighton and back again. Matt not this before so I guided him on radio while flying in the air together.

Other Post Cp students also came along.

Pilot Courses with Rob Chisholm

Video of how I teach pilots to thermal.

Learning to thermal is not about going abroad on a holiday for one week. Your not really learn much that will be relevant to sites in the U.K..

It is better to start here in the U.K. first and adapt these skills sets and then set off abroad.

nova factor 2 sky anakis
Les Carroz france
Thermaling a glider

Les Carroz in France.

Video of flight plan and general flying in Les Carroz in France. The beautiful area of Les Carroz is an excellent area to fly. With cable car to take off with a very short walk to take off area.

Food excellent and many beautiful areas to visit. A great place for the family holiday.