Art of thermaling on a Gin Evo Sprint

Three video's here explainging how to thermal and be taught one to one while in the air. A short flight to the lake oppsite Bo-Peep. And how to climb out from Devils Dyke with second thermal by A27. Click on a image below to play the video.

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Gin Evo Sprint thermaling at Devils Dyke
gin evo xc Paragliding

Mr S.G flying a Gin Evo Sprint, (click image to play video)

Learning to thermal at Devils Dyke.

Course Pilot Pro.

Pilot Pro Course - XC Firle

Video of how I teach pilots to thermal.

Learning to thermal is not about going abroad on a holiday for one week. Your not really learn much that will be relevant to sites in the U.K..

It is better to start here in the U.K. first and adapt these skills sets and then set off abroad.

nova factor 2 sky anakis
Paragliding Cross Country
Thermaling a glider

Cross country from Devils Dyke.

This is a small edit of the flight.

Full edits of the flight can been viewed at You Tube. You tube link below right.