Gin Evo Sprint - Nova Mentor 2 - XC to Steyning Bowl

A few nights before I emailed everyone on the XC list for a little taste of cross country working as a guide only. The task I set was a simple one involving XC to Steyning Bowl a private site which I use for EP level and CP level. Gliders in the pack were Sky Anakis, Nova Mentor 2, Nova Factor 2, Gin Osasis and Gin Evo Sprint.

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Gin Evo Sprint Nova Mentor 2 XC to Steyning
gin evo xc Paragliding

Rob Chisholm on a Gin Evo Sprint, John Porter on Nova Mentor 2, Dean Bird on Nova Factor 2, Paul Jiggins on Sky Anakis, Charlie Hartley on Sky Anakis and Chris Hover on Gin Oasis.

Flight plan land outs and XC to Anningtons ridge with a view to collect thermal and fly on towards Arudel. Click image to watch part one.

Part 2 of XC to Steyning live report

This is part two of the flight from Devils Dyke to Steyning Bowl.

With live report on the ground featuring special guest star Mr J.P on low save and thermals out.

nova factor 2 sky anakis
Art of correct thermaling
Thermaling a glider

This video will show you some areas of thermaling with another glider and correct airmanship.

Flight at Mount Caburn.