XC Is All About Preperation And Not Luck!

I put a message on Facebook about flying Newhaven soon everyone was buzzing then I dropped in 7 am start. All came back with I be there at Newhaven car park. Commitment is part of the sport your learn this as you get into the groove of the weather it controls everything in our sport.

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Skype call over view of planned XC 2013
gin evo xc Paragliding

Planning XC before hand and going over the route is all what XC is about.

Here student and Instructor talk through the actual flight ahead.

This video is part of the Pilot Pro Channel and Pilot Pro courses.

Gin Atlas paragliding review

Video review of the Gin Atlas.

Aplogies for the wind noise in advance.

I mangaged to grab a quick flight on the Gin Atlas from Devils Dyke conditions were not that good - But I will be getting an Atlas in the next few weeks and make a on going review of the all new Gin Atlas.

nova factor 2 sky anakis
Paragliding Cross Country
Thermaling a glider

Cross country from Devils Dyke.

This is a small edit of the flight.

Full edits of the flight can been viewed at You Tube. You tube link below right.