Freeflight Video Blog 13 - Newhaven / Mount Caburn / High Over

The student Charlie has been out with me for 4 sessions this week and come Sunday which look epic for a tandem he cancelled as he was all flown out. Two days later Simon is back in for some more fun on his new Gin Sprint Evo. I pick Simon up and we drop by a little cafe I know which serves a very nice home made Chicken and leak pie and cake washed down with some Latte then set off. We choose Caburn light south winds with some thermals. Then meet up with Dean Bird (also on a Sprint) and some other friends for a jolly on this splendid day at the end of summer this September has been so warm.

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Gin Evo Sprint Newhaven and Caburn
Gin Evo Sprint

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Rob Chisholm at High Over Top Landing

How to top land at High and Over.

Danger Paragliding
New Guys with new Qualifications
Paragliding gang

Students Chris, Charlie all work hard and gain E.P. Paul is now C.P rated.