Nova Factor 2 and Gin Evo Sprint.

Test flight on Evo Sprint and Augustas on a surprize tandem flight at High and Over. And Mount Caburn on Nova Factor 2 and Gin Evo Sprint.

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Gin Evo Sprint
Gin Evo Sprint

Above are two Gin Evo Sprint's - Left is the small size 80 to 100Kg right 90 Kg to 110Kg.

Gin Evo Sprint first test flight at Devils Dyke.

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A Day Out With Freeflight

Surprize Tandem flights Augustas meeting at Brighton Station and we all set off to High an Over for some safe fun with Chris/ Charlie on post CP courses.

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Augustas Tandem Voucher
Caburn in a east no way
Gin Evo Factor 2 Nova

In this video at Mount Caburn we are flying a Nova Factor 2. Two Gin Evo Sprints and a Sky Anakis. If you are looking for a new glider call us 01273 628793 for a friendly chat about your needs and equipment.