Freeflight Video Blog 14 - Gin Sprint at Lake Annecy 2011

When you are post club pilot from the Uk, it is normal for post students to take a trip abroad to gain more flying time. This can be a big challenge so I strongly suggest paying for a guide or if you come to Rob Chisholm he go one further and not only guide you but teach you out in the Alps. First on Tandem and then on solo setting goals and tasks, the week out in France is not to be treated as a holiday but more of a one week course in flying in the Alps. The Alps offer great potential and creative flying with stunning views, but also have many different metrological weather patterns compared to the Uk flying conditions. If you would like to book a course in France please email above or call to talk in person to chat 01273 628793.

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Gin Sprint in Lake Annecy
Gin Evo Sprint

Video here of Lake Annecy and a guide to Alpine flying. Voice over by Rob Chisholm and video donated by Mr Dean Bird (many thanks Dean)

Club Pilot soaring

Students Charlie, Nicky, Martin and Paul all complete their tasks soaring with other pilots. Nicky top landed twice and Charlie also top landed twice at Firle Beacon.

Beachy Head Gin Sprint Team
Gin Team EVO Sprint

A day out at Beachy Head post CP Paul on tandem with Rob Chisholm getting back into the sport.