Freeflight Video Blog 11 - Mount Caburn Paragliding Sussex

The three videos are of a site called Mount Caburn taking a S.W direction - First video is of a typical tandem flight - the second flight is of myself testing the 808 HD camera - Third video is longer 9 mins of a week in my life running a paragliding school hope you enjoy the show. Off out today to do it all again!

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Rosie Spooner and Carl Burger Tandem
Nick Tasquier paragliding

Dr Spooner in the air on tandem with Rob Chisholm at Mount Caburn.

808 HD cam Keyring review - Caburn

808 HD cam review, works well with Final Cut Pro no need to render.

HD 720 P mini DV or 808 Micro HD camHD 720 P mini DV or 808 Micro HD cam
Catherine and Dave at river bank
paraglider crash

Weekend flying Catherine lands but drops her glider in the stream. Dave Massie corners off the area for health and safety.