Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some of the most asked questions, if you do not find an answer please email direct and we will add your question.

You will need to complete an application form at some point if you decide to go ahead with sport. Application form "Click Here".

Q. Payments: What do we accept?


Payment by bank transfers, please include a reference with your name e.g. Mr. J (first name) Smith.

Q. Which Sessions can I book? Can I book more than one Session at a time?


Yes you can book as many as you like, however Please read PPC re amount of sessions booked in one month (These include Skype tuition), we would expect you to turn up on all of these sessions if you requested them. So if, for example, you are on a Pilot Pro course and book consecutive 3 Sessions, then we would expect you to turn up on these Sessions. If you pay as you go and book say 2 sessions you will have to pay in advance of any bookings please complete an application form.


Q. What time do we start ?


Generally we meet at 9 am on the actually flying site link to Sites Here the weather completely dictate's to when we can fly and which site we fly from.


Q. Courses and how many days and how many flights and how long is a Session etc.


For course students you work around the weather, could be your also at work all day, but have time off in the evening. The air is more stable and laminar for you to fly your first solo flight with others. So think not how long but what task flights am I going to excel in the "STUDENT RECORD BOOK" Tasks are areas you need to be sign off on. An example is Phase 4: flights over 100ft landing by wind sock with written flight plan.

Example flight here "Bo Peep" Student is in for his soaring task and top landing, as it was too thermic for his level in the morning we only flew from 4 PM onwards to 6 PM.

Quite often I ask people to fly more than 20 minutes on this task, the common reply is "I am over the moon" and they have a very silly grin and say very little as they have completed there hardest most difficult task, flying with others and landing on top. But they have not flown for a whole day. So I prefer to use the word session. How long the session lasts as a rough guide is start at 10AM this means your ready with a flight plan and submit this using the Freeflight record sheet and then you make your flights and the day will end at 3 - 4 PM. Session are increased as the sun becomes hotter so in months like August students take longer to walk up hills, tend to rest more and this makes the day longer. So do bring water like 2 liters in April 6 liters in mid summer will just about covers the liquid you need to drink during the day.

Q. If I don’t book the Session in the 6 months do I get my money back?


As per the terms and conditions there are NO Refunds.

Q. How do I know if the day is to go ahead and if I book and the weather is bad on the day, do I lose my Session?


You will receive a confirmation the night before at 7pm to confirm flying is to go ahead or not, details of which site and time will be given.

If the day is cancelled due to inclement weather you need to have a suitable date ready to re book your time with us, simply email us the one date and we will book you in and respond with the confirm booking date. (Do watch the weekely forecast given out in RTV which will help you learn which dates to book in. )


Q. Do you stop training in the year at all?


Yes, we fly most of the year apart from flying trips abroad in Nepal, France for competent Club Pilots. Dates available on request. The rest of the year, we teach 7 days a week when the weather allows. Often we here we thought you stop in winter so presume is not the way to think, often or not winter weather is excellent for flying example "Click Here".


To book an Instructor, glider, radio and land all you need to do is email us with a 48hrs notice and tell us your preferred date. And so long as the date is available you can be booked in. NOTE, if you are not currently on the books, we require application form sign and dated and funds to be cleared before any Instructor is allocated to you.

Once you are book in we will e-mail you to confirm your booking and the night before we e-mail you at 7pm to confirm flights are going ahead.


Please give 48 hours to the school and e-mail us and leave your name and state your date you wish to cancel. 48hrs works like this Sunday you wish to cancel you would e-mail us 9am Friday or before is better, failure to do so incurs charges or loss of session / day.


Many people use Sat/Nav which great for the places that have post codes, please use a AA map etc as this will display areas like land marks. I suggest looking here for the "SITES" and details of maps etc.

We normally don’t give road directions on the day as we are usually driving to meet you. So if you feel unsure of where to go a little time taken to look at the flying sites is well worth it as it takes the stress out of your day.

If you still unsure why not contact by e-mail and ask the question, if your still unsure you can always call and ask the questions, please call in office hours.


Some people become confused with the weather on courses, most of this is done for you up till E. P after this you are required to start predicting the weather yourself and becoming comfortable with how the wind directions result in many different conditions. For example North winds with cold air and hot sun produce thermals, where as a south wind can be warm and no thermals. People on courses are automatically subscribe to RobsTv Channel there after £5 per month.



Yes it is dangerous to people that are un prepared to listen, however, all the dangers can be avoided if you follow Instruction and do your homework.

This sport takes time to develop the necessary skills; “EP just gets you a licence, CP allows you to drive around the car park and Pilot allows you to drive on the roads”.

The best we have seen people achieve Pilot level (allows you to go Cross Country) is 40 hours of continuous tuition. It costs more money but it is a low cost insurance policy.

We strongly suggest staying in the school environment for the first 30 hours with the one on one tuition.

If you turn up for a CP course the Instructor will ask you the following.

1: Site Assessment & Meteorology.

2: Flight Plan including Tasks.

Once you get used to thinking about the above your start to understand how to approach the sport in a safe and mature manner, resulting in pleasurable flights including cross country flights in excess of 30 km to cloud base at 4,000 ft. and more.

At the end of the day, flying IS all about fun, but it does also have a element of risk injuries can and do happen. Provided you follow our terms and conditions and listen to the Instructors, who are there to keep you safe, then both parties will have a good fun time and go away happy. Those that are not prepared to listen or find it hard to receive instruction will be asked to stop training in the interest of safety or they could end up having a serious accident.

Learning to fly is like learning to drive a car, You are NOT given a license, its NOT an automatic right. You have to prove that you have the correct ATTITUDE and prove that you have achieved the SKILLS to fly safely on your own and with others. You have to prove to Freeflight Instructors that you have both. If we think you are a danger to yourself or others when flying, even if you have bought all the equipment we will withhold the issuing of a license.

Payment received for purchase of voucher, course, equipment, holidays are confirmed by e-mail.

Please keep us informed if you change your e-mail address.

There is a place on the Application Form for your email address, please be sure to type this clearly "Thank you"