Elementary Pilots Chris,Paul,Charlie - "Go to my blog to comment"

Here flying at Mount Caburn - Steyning Bowl and Devils Dyke showing high flights using thermal activity.

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Saturday at Caburn can be good for one thing top to bottoms the temperature was hot, hot, hot. Charlie came in to fly and preformed very well. Charlie said enough after 2 flights, with the heat building and stable air I would have liked more flights from him. At E.P he is calling the shots and to tell me when he has done enough is music to my ears.

This means he will not push when he is qualified and is a good measure of his attitude towards flying post CP. Sunday at Caburn was a different day, air in the morning good for top to bottoms but by 11.34 am the bullet thermals came in and we stopped for lunch. We all walk down and sat in the shade of my van and I did a theory on "Meteorology" "Principles of flight" "rules of the air". 15.30 I predicted that the air would become good for top to bottoms.

By 15.25 hrs and now on top of the hill I was correct, most people heading home and with the take off area clear. All three students practiced re launch and then the air became smooth an opportune moment for two more top to bottoms with Charlie achieving best in spot landings followed by Paul and Chris. Chris miss judged the landing area but kept the glider into wind and making a perfect landing. Caburn is ideal for learning these areas with a very long landing field.

Chris and Charlie past there EP exam - Paul is post CP with time out from flying and now relearning the basic's again. Next time Paul will be on tandem with a one hour flight on tandem with instruction in ridge soaring and flying with others. This is to bring his level of confidence and ability back up to speed. Many thanks boys for being safe and working with the heat and drinking loads of water, this must have been the hottest October I have ever taught at in the Uk. I had a look in my daily logs of weather that I kept back from 1992 and in 1994 April was hotter than Spain. But this October has never been as hot as this in my daily logs I have noticed an unpredictable weather pattern of change to our seasons.