Lukasz Fly's Newhaven Cliffs

Danny Boy (Paul J) and BroadSword (Chris Hover) arrive at 6 am start for the cliff run.

Student Lukasz has ask to fly Newhaven Cliffs so I suggested a long tandem flight with him flying the glider and I will guide him through the flight crossing the gaps generally keeping him safe.

After a 2 hr tandem flight Lukasz is overwhelmed and in need of the bathroom and some top up food supplies.

Down to the cafe for some late english breakfast, not bad the cafe the Italian run one great staff and atmosphere.

Later I de briefed Lukasz and answered all of his burning questions, the ideas and the way his mind was thinking indicated he was ready for the next stage in the day.

Solo run to Brighton and back with the gang at his side and Rob ready to step in with some radio to radio if the need arises.

As it happen Lukasz did the work and Danny Boy offered friendly words of encouragement.

End of the day Lukasz had flown 3.5 hrs

If your looking for Post Level tuition in any area of flying to gain the air time to learning how to thermal do email us.

Locate the thermal away form the ridge lift.

This is probably the hardest part of your flying. In this video I explain how this is done on a overcast day.

So long as a temperature difference occurs you will have thermals rising. All you need to do is to recognize when they are rising and where from

One other major area pilots often do not think about in enough details are How to thermal correctly To be able to thermal correctly requires many sessions of practise. And areas such as how much bank should be applied more so through weight shift and not a constant bank with brake handles.

Think of a motor bike as you turn into the corner your use weight shift and correct gear. You would not do much more than lean some more and maintain a constant speed through out the turn.

So the smoother the bank the smoother the climb and more importantly maintain a higher air speed

Leaving the Site on first XC

So areas to consider are when to leave the site on your cross country. Areas such as knowing your local metrology as in what is happening now and going to happen once you have moved away from the site

Simple little areas like the task you set in hand. There is no point in setting off with out a clear flight plan mapped out in your head. Here I made a call to fly over to my home on Brighton Beach

You need to know your QNH and your QNE well in advance of flying over built up areas

XC practice what to look out for

Some simple ways to approach the area of how to thermal

Many think if they go abroad they become better Pilots. well there site assessment will become better. However areas such as being familiar with the environment of the site will take much more than a week or two

I have found that teaching on the sites your used to produces more results and of course you know the area. So what I teach you tends to stick in your head more firmly. This method of teaching on home turf has to have better results than abroad in your early sessions of learning to thermal. After all many pilots come back and show what I refer to as a top to bottom in a Alpine region

So here is a typical day at Devils Dyke teaching Post CP how to thermal

Teaching pilots to thermal on your home turf

Is a wonderful experience for both Instructor and Pilot. There is already a safety net for you. All you are now doing is being pushed more than you normally do.

Here I have request Pilot SG to be ready for a forward launch most pilots are chatting as a forwards at Devils Dyke equals no ridge lift. However I have a plan watch what Pilot SG and I get up to. One to one tuition can really pay off in time and achievements.

Gin Atlas Paraglider Review

Gin Atlas is a ENB glider so a little more than a school glider. But it has performance to match a higher energy wing, how can this be possible

Well all these years have gone by now 20 for me and this is a big step forwards in performance and safety, more than I thought possible

The video just shows me having fun at day 5 on the Demo Glider I have in the school. Go to the You Tube to see more of me flying this glider and what it has to offer, link bottom right of this page

Teaching how to thermal on a paraglider glider

Marking Thermals is easy but where do they come from and how would you locate them

Here I have taken a site Mount Caburn and this site works only in a SW at best. It does not work in a South east, but does it ? Well if winds are light enough for a forwards launch you can achieve good height gain if there are thermals about

Planning ahead of the route you are going to take on a small XC is the way to think.

I run a small channel called RobsTv which I produce a video of the weeks flying ahead, here I can coordinate the event in advance and help planned small XC exercises.

Link to more in depth video of this flight

This I find helps pilots understand and prepare in advance of what is to come and how to interact better for the big event.

If you like to be involved in this teaching program you can email me direct and talk you through in more detail of the programs I run.

Planning a Triangle

This video will show you the way to think about an approach to making a small triangle flight on your paragliding wing

Post Qualified In Need Of In depth Tuition

Learning how to thermal correctly is a big area I teach in.

A good insight to how you do this can be achieved with some one to one tuition

Cliff Flying

Learning to fly areas like a cliff run and weather associated with the flight is a good way to get a handle on a long flight

This is also a good way to see how your perform in say an XC the ridge here is 22 Kms there and back. Will the pilot make it ? Your just have to watch the video

Avoid Mid Air Crash Flying

Learning how to thermal in the air you fly in is a big area pilots often do not cover until the actual flight. Avoid these situations and become a safer and better pilot in doing so

A quick video on understanding the basic's of High and Low Pressure systems.

Once a week I make a live weather forecasting for flying a glider, this can be found at Rob'sTV channel

Forcasting The Weather

An area your need to become good at is forecasting the weather. Learning that the local forecaster on Tv is not talking about wind speeds related to flying is a big one to pick up on in the early days of your flying.

Often and not Pilots forget areas like ridge lift increases airflow in speed over the ground. And very important is the Pilot cannot yet relate what is correct air flow for there levels of flying inthe early stages

From A Forward Launch To Above

So how do you spot that thermal and get to the rising air. Video camera position in the glider for a more real feel of what to look out for.