Freeflight in Southern Spain.

Freeflight in Southern Spain.

Here we are in Spain on a E.P and C.P course.

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Ade Mare with Freeflight in Spain

Hi my name is Ade Mare, I was born in South Africa man, and live and work in London as a dentist This is my trip to Spain with Rob Chisholm C.F.I for Freeflight Paragliding. Let me tell you first that we were a team of ten with three none flyers and that I was the lowest air time pilot in the group with only four days training back at Steyning in the Uk.


I have been around people who fly for the past five years and have seen all the problems that young fool hardy people can get themselves in to. I have driven the Jeep over the 'moonscape' in Africa towing my boyfriend to 5,000ft.


Rob said I would be restricted on flying due to my limited experience and would have to be patient and be restricted to one or two flights a day.


Well this is me flying on my second day of the holiday, and this is my view. Rob helped me off. I thought it to be a bit strong, but Rob told me that the air was not dense and was full of high pressure so the conditions would be smooth so that by tonight I would be in a daze from the flying. No one else was here so we made use of the conditions.
My new flying name is 101; this is because I was in the air for 1 hour and 1 minute!
Next Day


I was on some other planet the next day! Rob took us to this site which was called Otiva. He seemed to like this site and said conditions were good. His Instructor John Collyer would be sending me off and Rob would guide me in.

Well we all flew this site and I did 360 turns, weight shift with big ears, caught some thermals and felt feelings that I had never felt before.

The picture on the left shows a person landing short on a red glider. I am above and land right next to Rob. He tells me it was a perfect landing and I was the pilot in charge. I tell him I could not have done this on my own. He smiles and winks and says, "But you have! I am only the radio tower".



This is the place we stayed at, what a dream it now seems. Every night after flying we would all go out and Rob would debrief us as a group, all with cold beers in hand. He would ask each of us to explain our days flying to the everybody which kept us tight as a group.He explained the group is far stronger all learning together... I for one have learnt a lot.



This is an e,mail sent from Ade to myself. I hope she does not mind me putting it up on the web. Money has no value in my eyes but thanks from the heart has always touched me. Thank you Ade for the great effort that you put in on the holiday and a especial thanks to John Collyer for seeing Ade off. And get well John as he has a touch of the Spanish tummy.


Hallo Rob.

Well, a lovely holiday has gone by, and we're all back in gray England.

For you, it might be just another trip abroad, SO , I just want to tell you, how much of an impact everything made on me.

Firstly, thank you for believing in me, more than I did in myself. I realize how much of a risk you took with me, not knowing if I would be able to follow instructions etc. etc. I have only but a few times in my life trusted people with my life. This was one of the maybe three times. You are a very cautious and trustworthy person, and I could see it shining out of you. The paragliding is, apart from me studying dentistry, one of the things I have wanted to do for MYSELF, and for no one else. ( So I still have a back door to bail out of it, should I ever get scared or frightened, and not feel guilty) It was GREAT thinking that I'm actually up there with the guys that I've watched for so many years!!! I'm positive that people are put over one's path in life for a reason, and I couldn't asked for any better person than you for teaching me all sorts... I could go on and on, but I hope you realize my great appreciation!! Thank you once again. Ade