FreeFlight specialize's in Post Club Pilot Training.

The Pilot Pro Course objective's is to bring the new Club Pilot flyer up to a competent level of experience with a view to become a qualified BHPA rated Pilot. Competent in a variety of skill sets which include the basics of predicting the weather suitable for your level so you can perform the basics.

Such as flying cross country you will need to fly out front, away from the ridge lift, locate your own thermal source, climb to base. Do this repeatedly on each of your local sites.

After all once on a cross country flight, away from the ridge you will of course need to quickly find that next thermal to achieve your cross country dreams. Learning to find the second, third thermal is the real key to cross country flights.

Watch some of the video's below if your are qualified club pilot and interested in knowing more, prepared to under take an apprentice training to new standards of higher education and tuition then apply for a pilot Pro Course today.

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